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GST on salary

Services from headquarter to other states will be part of supply, will be 18% GST on salary

New Delhi. The headquarter of a company will be 18 percent GST on salary given to its branch office located in the second state, to provide service like accounting, IT and human resources. According to the order issued by the Karnataka Bench of Advance Ruling Authority (AAR), such activities would be considered as supplies under […]

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due dates for filing

Govt made amendment in due dates for filing GST from July 2018 to March 2019

New Delhi: The Govt made amendment in due dates for filing of final Goods and Service Tax (GST) sales return Forms GSTR-1 by businesses with turnover more than ₹1.5 crore to the 11th day of the succeeding month. Now, such businesses are required to file GSTR-1 or final sales return of a succeeding month by the […]

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about e-way bill

Important 10 Facts about e-way bill everyone should Know

E-way bill is Mandatory for All Indian states and union territories for Both (Inter- State, Intra- State) movement of goods since 3rd June 2018.

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Effects of GST Rates

Effects of GST Rates on Iron and Steel Industry in India

The supplies which involve the use of iron and steel material as raw under the Goods and Service Tax(GST). The positive or Negative effects of GST Rates increase or decrease on iron and steel supplies is going to range of industries that involve the use of these materials, including construction and machine parts manufacturing sectors.

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GST Council Meeting

GST Anniversary: 28th GST Council Meeting Date announced

28th GST Council Meeting Date announced on 19/07/2018. The major points will cover in next meeting are bellow

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GST Amendments

GST Amendments: Changes to Return Filing, Refund on Exports,include RCM

Clarification for composition scheme and returns filing, changes in the enabling provisions for RCM and  refunds of CESS on goods to be exported are part of about 35 amendments being finalised in GST related laws.

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GST Rates on Buying Home

Impacts of GST Rates on Buying Home

If you are buying a home or any other property, then you should know about GST rates on buying home. GST rates, which came into effect from July 1, have seen major changes so far. At the same time, the buyer does not have to give GST on the Ready to Move Property. Please tell […]

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GST council working to reduce GST

GST council working to reduce GST rates

The GST Council working to reducing GST (Goods and Service Tax) rates, Minister of State for Finance Shiv Pratap Shukla said on Thursday.

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GST Free Banking Services

GST Free Banking Services and No GST For International Passengers-FM

The department clearifies that keeping GST free banking services like ATM withdrawals and cheque book issuance outside the ambit of GST has put to rest the confusion prevailing over the issue.

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GST Impact on Agricultural Sector

GST Impact on Agricultural Sector

Role of Agricultural Sector in Indian Economy Basically GST Impact on Agricultural Sector will be Neither good nor Bad in current scenario. The agricultural sector is the largest contributing sector the overall Indian GDP.

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