GSTN will works to simple the GST System

GSTN will works to simple the GST System In the second year, said GSTN Chairman

On 1 July 2017 in India, One Nation One Tax (GST) was introduced. special talks with GSTN chairman Ajay Bhushan Pandey on the occasion of GST’s first anniversary.

One of India’s historic tax reforms, ‘Goods and Services Tax’ (GST) was implemented just one year back. PM Narendra Modi had applied GST on midnight on 30th June 2017 and now the Central Government considers it one of its biggest achivements of four years.

On completion of one year of GST implementation, GST Network Chairman Ajay Bhushan Pandey said that in the second year, the GST will be working towards simplifying the process. He said that the Center will also bring a form like Income tax returns to fill GST returns. Along with this, GST Council has also approved GST network to be a state-owned unit.

How do you analyze GST’s role in a year?

The first year of GST brought a big change for our country. A major tax reform was implemented and within a year it has also become stable which is very important. If you look at the situation before GST, then there were 35 states and Union Territories, each of which has its VAT (Value Added Tax) system, its law, its registration system, the system of filing returns and even the IT system Was also different.

There were also central excise and service tax in each state. We created 37 systems of different types of taxes, which actually became a nation, one by one and then a system.

After the GST came into force, the number of taxpayers increased by 63-64 lakhs. Today there are 1 crore 13 lakh tax payers registered in our system, all of which come under a law, a system, an interface and a form.

So, an attempt has been made to get bigger through GST which is a matter of pride and satisfaction for our country that we can do this in a year. Even after having a federal structure, such a tax reform in such a large country, I do not think there would have been such an attempt earlier in the world.

Does a country want to adopt the GST model adopted by India?

There are some high-profile meetings for exchange of views. Many countries have praised our model, but no country has yet expressed formal interest in adopting the model.

Do not pay taxes, do you have their estimated number?

No, I will not make any such guess, because you know I can not do this. This should be done by grassroots executives or appropriate surveys. As far as GST is concerned, it is not fair for us to guess this kind of reason because it is not our job.

How close are you to make GST network a state-owned entity?

In the last meeting of the GST Council, the proposal was approved that GST network should be 100 percent government owned, which will be part of the central and state government. This work is being done in this direction. Non-governmental shares are being transferred to the government entity.

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