refund in GST

Officers running away from giving refund in GST

Less than 30 percent of cases followed by refund fortnight.

Lucknow:- The officials do not feel like giving refunds to the State Headquarters Goods Service Tax (GST). Less than 30 percent of the cases were settled even after the refund in GST organized by the central government.

In the meeting convened by the exporters to know the reality in the commerce tax headquarters. It was found that the refunds of the refund are being returned due to deficiencies. Center Government wants to implement the GST system better.

It has to be resolved by traders problems or refunds to be done on priority. The central government had instructed the entire country to celebrate the refund fortnight from May 31 to June 14. Based on this, refund fortnight was also celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, but during this time refunds were less than 30% .

The meeting was called to know the reasons for such a refund in the commerce tax office.

It was found that hard copies of the applications uploaded on the portal were not taken in the office and were returned after mentioning the shortcomings.

Where these petitions were taken, no receipt was given and arbitrarily the prayer papers were disposed of. Commissioner Commercial Kamini Chauhan Ratan has given detailed instructions to the departmental officers in this regard. He has said that a receipt counter will be opened separately in every mandal office for redressal of refund related prayer papers.

The hard copy of the refund-related prayer sheet will be taken on this counter. The senior officer will be deployed at this counter. The papers submitted on the counter will be made available to the local Additional Commissioner by 5 o’clock the same day. The next day it will be sent to the headquarters. The receipt of refund prayer letters will be made mandatory.

He said that the Commissioner’s office will be informed that the request for refund has been obtained. After this any action will be taken against the concerned officer and the employee. The commerce tax has said that there should be no negligence in giving refund.

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