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Under GST refunds

Under GST refunds Govt. clears 38,062 cr. Rupees

The government has cleared pending amount under GST refunds around 38,062 crore to exporters, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs said on last Wednesday.

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CBIC Extends GST Refund

CBIC Extends GST Refund Drive Till 16th June

The government had last month announced the fortnight-long drive from May 31 to June 14. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs CBIC extends GST refund fortnight for fast track clearance of pending dues to exporters by two days till 16th June.

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About GST refund

Important things you need to know about GST refund

What is GST? The term GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. Actually, GST is a destination based tax, which has been invented across the country since last July. This tax can replace the former central taxes as well as duties such as Special Additional Duty of Customs (SAD), Excise Duty, Counter Veiling Duty (CVD), […]

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GST Refund

Despite the GST refund campaign, only 60% of the exporter benefit, cleared up to September

New Delhi. The buyers who have started the ‘Refund Fortnight’ fair for the stuck GST refund of Modi Government are still not able to get the full benefits. According to them, despite the government’s efforts, the refunds of exporters have been cleared till August-September itself.

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GST Refund

All about GST Refund

Know All About GST refund? Generally, when GST is paid more than the GST liability, then there is a situation of claiming GST refunds. Under GST, the process of claiming the GST refund to standardize is to avoid confusion.

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GST collection will jump

GST collection will jump Rs 90k cr a month from April: CBEC

The total GST collection will jump Rs 90,000 crore per month, a top official from Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) said.

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Refund amount of GST

Refund amount of GST not available after eight months

Indore:- New World Representative on 1st July 2017, the central government had implemented GST with the slogan of ‘one country, one tax’ across the country, but eight months later, GST refunds were not given by the state tax department.

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Basic Terminology

Basic Terminology with Defination Used Under GST

All About Basic Terminology used Under GST Here are a few GST  terminology and definitions you must to know. these terms are described as follows: GST Goods And Services Tax is an indirect tax which applicable in India from July 2017. The GST is paid by consumers, but it is paid to the government by the […]

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Refund Process

Refund Process Under GST

There can be a lot of mistakes for making GST Payment when filing in GST  challan. Because of this, you can also give additional GST. This additional amount is shown as the balance in electronic cash laser.Submission of returns and claiming the refund Process will be a completely online process under GST.

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